The CISO, a key figure to ensure information security and business continuity

Attacks on information security and privacy are one of the most serious threats an organization can face. In the case of companies, not only affects their corporate reputation, but can trigger a crisis that endangers business continuity. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISOS) is a high-level executive responsible for both security and disaster planning, responding to incidents and ensuring that the company’s operations are not affected. They are, therefore, a key figure within a company. However many still lack this profile in their organization chart. Which is the reason? Are CISOS necessary in all organizations? Is it a difficult profile to find? What are the advantages or disadvantages? This is the topic that experts of the first level will analyze at the round table ‘Put a CISO in your company’, which will take place on May 18 from 12.10 hours within the second day of the Congress of Security Forum 2017.

The debate will include Gianluca D’Antonio, president of ISMS Spain and CIO of the FCC Group; Eduardo Di Monte, Security & Business Continuity Director of AGBAR; Gonzalo Cuatrecasas, representative of ISACA Barcelona; Carles Solé, CISO of Caixabank, and Gonzalo Asensio, CISO of EURECAT.

All of them will try to shed light on a topical issue for the sector and that directly affects the ability of organizations to adapt to the new times. Incorporating a professional that combines balanced dose technical and business profile can be the key to address this challenge efficiently and proportionately.

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