The keys of the new UE cibersecurity regulation and its application proccess in Spain

The increasing relevance that cybersecurity is charging for both organizations and private individuals led the European Union to adopt the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive in July 2016. This new regulation affects the security of networks and information systems and constitutes the cornerstone of a common legislative framework on cybersecurity within member countries. Its […]

The latest news in cameras and video systems, one of the main topics in Security Forum

The use of video systems for security applications is becoming more frequent: administration agencies, businesses, office and residential buildings, critical infrastructures, industrial companies and many other organizations use these systems in an intensive way, as they allow the protection of extended and restricted areas effectively using few human resources. With the main manufacturers and distributors […]

Security Forum 2017 confirms the best expectations

With less than two months remaining for the start of the Security Forum 2017, the best forecasts are being confirmed making the event the most important for the security sector this year. On one hand, the exhibition area is almost fully booked although there is still opportunities to get the last available spaces. Top class companies from different areas […]