Biometrics applied to access control, at Security Forum exhibition area

The technology – security binomial has one of its most evident reflections in the field of access control. The advances made to guarantee the supervision of those who access a certain virtual space or platform allow us to reduce more and more the options of unauthorized persons to damage our facilities or to have sensitive information. As a showcase for the most advanced industry, the Security Forum 2017 exhibition area will offer visitors the chance to see firsthand the operation of the most sophisticated access control devices, as well as presence control, in This case for the correct management of work performance in companies.

Among the latest technological developments applied to this area of ​​security are facial recognition systems, which create 3D biometric patterns to ensure optimal control of access and hours worked by each employee and even access control to areas of restricted passage .

Visitors will also discover how new intelligent access control devices allow the integration of CCTV and intrusion systems to ensure that no unwanted visitors can access our facilities or information classified as sensitive.

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