Security Forum Awards

Applications can now be sent to the VII edition of the Security Forum prizes, which promote and strengthen the
research, development and industry innovation
of security in Spain, through the recognition of
responsible for current research projects in the field
security, and those projects of a significant nature
executed, that can be model and international showcase
of the broad potential of our industry.

In the SecurityForum I + D + i Award category can participate
any member or team of
research departments
universities or business schools
Spanish and those researchers
or students whose final projects
of career or research activity
is not linked to any activity

In the Security Forum Best Award
Security Project carried out in
Spain will have the right to participate
companies that are part of the own
Security project and directors.
The winners will have the opportunity
to make a presentation of
your project during the celebration of
Security Forum 2019, and the act of delivery
of prizes will be held on the 28th of
may during a dinner-cocktail.

The awarding of the prizes will be:
Security Forum I + D + i Award:
– First Prize: valued check
at 3,000 euros + trophy
– Finalist: Trophy
Security Award
Forum for the Best Project
of security:
– First prize:
Memorial Trophy
– Finalist: Trophy
The memories must
be received before
of March 29th,
2019. The jury’s decision
it will happen before
from April 30th.

Check here the bases of the call (in Spanish).